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Silo is rethinking retail....

In our ever changing retail landscape customer experience is at the forefront and expectations are high. In-store acceptance and seamless integration is a crucial factor - Inside-looking out logic needs to be applied to ensure an engaging and connected journey.

Silo is executional partner with a strategic and collaborative approach concentrated on customer journey principles and visual integration. Identifying with a tailored strategy, our focus is output and deliverables ensuring merchandise and visual efficiency.

Silo is a turn-key, build & visual partner aimed at brand and retailer success through look & feel expertise.

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Silo is equipped to provide comprehensive in-store visual assessments & audits throughout North-America. 

These on-site capabilities include shop overviews, competitive analyses, merchandise / visual efficiency, visual opportunities, c/x strategy and brand & retailer detailed assessments. All findings are captured, documented and displayed via cloud collaboration for client-secure access and discussion. 


Silo is a collective partner that does not sacrifice product for convenience.

Through internal / external support, Silo works to ensure deliverables and product success. All solutions are strategically geared and developed to achieve program objectives while boosting executional efficiency.

On-Site Execution

Silo is a team of trained, retail specific leads and installers.

With international support, Silo has the ability to actualize - From complete shop builds to multi-tiered visual programs, all aspects are strategically managed to ensure seamless in-store implementation. Once complete, full project specifics are detailed with photo documentation and uploaded via cloud collaboration for client-secure review & storage.


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